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12 Oct 2006

Please join us in welcoming Alkaline Trio to the V2 family!

V2 Records will release a collection of new material from the band Alkaline Trio, known around the world for their clever, cathartic tales. The band is currently writing songs for a new album in their home town of Chicago. In early 2007, they will head into the studio to record the dark melodic rock that fans and critics alike have come to adore. Their massive loyal following has contributed to the band's stellar sales and numerous sold out tours at both home and abroad.

Alkaline Trio emerged from the working class Chicago suburb of McHenry in 1997. Alkaline Trio’s line-up is Matt Skiba on guitar and vocals, Dan Andriano on bass and vocals and Derek Grant on drums. Their seventh record will continue on with their signature sound; a combination of two voices creating the balance of lyrical hell and pop heaven.

“V2 is a pretty lady in a world of snake oil salesmen. We’ve aligned ourselves with some good people over the years---here’s to a continuing trend,” says Derek Grant.

Matt Skiba says “we are proud to be working with V2 and already feel very much a home on our new label. We found in V2 exactly what we were looking for: trust, friendship and the ability to continue to grow as a band. Yet, we left Vagrant Records on very amicable terms and are very thankful for all they have done for us thus far.”

Daniel Andriano says, “We’re super excited about our new situation. V2 has managed to surround themselves with an amazing roster that transcends genres, and breaks through indie rock stereotypes.”

V2 president Andy Gershon shared his enthusiasm about the signing saying “We look forward to a long and flourishing relationship with the band and their team”.

Jon Sidel, of the V2 A&R department, “Alkaline Trio along with Green Day and Hot Water Music are some of the coolest punks band of this generation. They are sick players with fierce hooks. On top of which they are the type of individuals that we want to be in business with--- smart, independent & socially conscience.”

The band is just beginning to work on the follow up to Crimson. After spending most of the last two years on the road with the likes of My Chemical Romance and Against Me, NME called the Alkaline Trio “a delight to hear” while AMP Magazine testified “I don’t see how this band can get any better.”

Looking forward to a fascinating ‘07 for Alkaline Trio.

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