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According to Wikipedia, which also has a new picture of the Trio...

Remains is an upcoming album from Alkaline Trio. Remains is a B-side and rarity cd. It features songs from their splits with Hot Water Music and One Man Army while the rest of the songs are from various compilations.


  1. Hell Yes
  2. My Standard Break From Life
  3. Dead End Road
  4. The Metro (Berlin cover)
  5. Jaked On Green Beers
  6. Queen Of Pain
  7. While You're Waiting
  8. Rooftops (Hot Water Music cover)
  9. Old School Reasons
  10. Warbrain
  11. Fine Without You
  12. Hating Every Minute
  13. Dead And Broken (with Jeff Pezzati)
  14. Sadie
  15. If You Had A Bad Time
  16. Wait For The Blackout (The Damned cover)
  17. We Can Never Break Up
  18. Don't Say You Won't
  19. Buried
To be released October 31, 2006

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